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Our team of web design professionals treasure building long-term business relations that can help your company move to the next level. Honesty is a key element in all we do and with our unmatched technical skills and a passion for internet marketing we deliver stunning websites, optimized for search, and set up to convert visitors into customers.

One thing that makes us stand above the rest is what we deliver Results!

It doesn't matter whether you need a custom website solution or an overhaul of your current website we can cater for all your needs. The fact is that with our web design and development service you get tailored solutions that will not only constantly create growth for your businesses, but also help enhance your online brand and grow your web presence and authority within your industry.

This is all about strategy, design, and clean code, optimized content, following google guidelines and tailoring everything to your target customers. Paired with our SEO Services that is measured by web analytics and visitor tracking with detailed monthly reports. With EMID Inc. you have a lifelong partner you can rely on for all your website needs!

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Hard Work

Website design, website hosting and website development services in Spokane, Washington

It is important to note that there is a significance difference between passion and hard work in the web design and development industry. Oftentimes, this is confused to be the same but it's not. While hard work makes us beat deadlines and ensure clients' needs are met, passion is what helps us work late into the night as well as weekends. We have a pretty strong work ethics that can only be compared with the best in the web design industry. In other words, with our web development and seo services we combine both and this sets us apart from the rest in the industry, you can't fake results.


We are proud to provide businesses in and around Spokane, Washington

The best thing with our entire web development team is that we have what it takes to move your company to the top irrespective of the industry within which you operate. We do not only have web design specialist in our in-house team, but also search engine optimization specialists and digital marketing managers. These experts are able to handle all your needs ensuring that no mistakes are made during the entire web development and search engine marketing procedures. In other words, we have a web site development team that will help build, implement, and deliver measurable results. The best thing is that all this is usually done under one roof, we don't outsource, we do the work and we make sure that direct collaboration with you the client is our main priority.


Trusted since 2004 for quality Website Design & SEO Services

How you arrive at a correct answer is much more important than the answer itself. For only measured results can build a roadmap to success. That is why we measure everything we do, enabling us to consistently evolve with the times.

It would be disastrous if you cannot remember what you did last month to increase sales conversions, or how you made website traffic grow fast. Data enables us to create clear traffic growth plans and adjust to customers shopping patterns.

Our expert web development team guarantees recorded results; optimizing analytical data which is tracked as well as compared with other competitors. Overall, this makes it easier for us to know which particular strategies are working well and the ones that need improvement over time. In fact, we can know when and how to change strategy if need be.

Let's work together, let us be your one stop for all your web needs while you focus on what you do best, managing and growing your company.

Web Design and Online Marketing Strategy


It's acknowledged that technology is growing at an amazing speed and consumer trends are changing. Online Consumers are becoming savvier in the way they navigate the web and their attention spans change, too. We understand this and ensure that we every website element has a clear purpose and a call to action. >Our attention to detail is what makes us create defined digital marketing strategies that drive RELEVANT traffic to your site, optimized for lead generation and a easy to follow sales funnel.

At the end of the day, you will enjoy a stunning website and that meets the needs and wants of your target customers. As we create strategies we conduct extensive market research and analyze your competitor strategies to ensure that we are able to create unmatched web site. We place a high emphasis on conversion rate optimization, making sure that web site users are able to be directed to specified conversion points in no time. In a nut shell, our team of web design experts will create a website site architecture that meets specifications of all major search engines, targeting a defined direction, and guarantees leading age functionality at all times.

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