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Without a shadow of doubt, creating a value-driving and impactful web presence comes as pretty confusing and complicated to many people. We have quite an experience in e-commerce, building corporate and banking websites which make use of emerging patterns like Responsive Web Design.

With the use of an agile methodology in the management of your web development, you are guaranteed very quick delivery of product- to- market through development sprints that are quite short. This sort of iterative approach makes room for both customers and stakeholders to have a moment of interaction with whatever is being built. This consequently allows the delivery of exactly what is needed.

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The first step in the development of your new website solution calls for a discovery workshop engagement. Those involved include our very own Product Owners, sample customers and your stakeholders. The inclusions in this workshop might be persona development, prioritization exercises and story or journey mapping. This gives enough room for the identification of priorities and business needs to build better strategies which will help capture, engage and convert.

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You will definitely find equal emphasis placed on aesthetics which serves to ensure not only the most professional but also your brand's best online representation. Given the fact that we normally craft all websites from scratch, we end up meeting your exact laid out requirements because both the functionality and design can be easily customized.

Our available Interaction Designers are all UX experts. They partner with you for the structuring of your website in the best and most user-friendly way. By doing this, they determine the most vital features and the best flow for the targeted user. Right from Information architecture to Persona Development, User Experience, final mockups and mood boards, our exclusive design practice covers the whole life-cycle of web development.

Moreover, because we always focus on the end user, we like to ensure that the solutions we offer cater for a wholesome variety of devices. By the use of Responsive Web Design, you will end up finding your website fitting perfectly in any size of screen so that your users can have the exact same experience while on your site. This is regardless of whether they use a smartphone, tablet or PC to gain access.

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To think that once the website is complete our partnership ends is to lie to you. Long completing the project, we continue providing site and service maintenance.

Because site issues can occur any time, our NOC staff offers critical support all round the clock. We are also able to offer a support program that is customized and ongoing for both your company and you!

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For every web project we undertake, there is always a solution that is custom-tailored in store. Keeping in mind that the leveraging of the existing technologies is important, the experts we have help you to seamlessly integrate a variety of both server and web-based software into the system taking your needs into account. In case you would like to use any existing data that you have, we provide custom report services and automated data migration in order to speed all things up.

In efforts to simplify the management of your site, our team has come up with a fully customizable CMS. EM-CMS is an OOP PHP based system of content management. EM-CMS lets you publish content yourself without having to sacrifice integration capabilities and advanced functionality.

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Any site is normally judged based on the performance by both the search engines and users. The engineers we have work tirelessly and use all tools at their disposal to make the necessary improvements on your page load times, search- engine visibility and backend database. All this is done to make sure that your users have a seamless experience.

In an effort to guarantee the highest optimization level, we usually implement a number of site tests. A/B testing assists us in the identification of improvements that might help your website increase in sales or successfully complete a goal. Stress testing on the other hand generates a variety of probable requests which are sent directly to the server. Through this, we are able to see how the application in question performs while in a real environment with the real users. This is a vital component in our process of quality assurance.

Finally, with SEO in mind, we usually implement Google Analytics on all the sites we build. This serves us with the opportunity of tracking the performance of your website and helps us recommend the improvements that can be done over time.

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